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Windows can be the least customizable OS when compared to the vast world of Linux and other open-source platforms. Though, this does not mean that you cannot personalize the experience at all. That would be unfair to say! Even with a restricted nature, there are certain aspects that you can alter, icons packs are one of them. Changing these can transform the way the interface will look to you as well as others. This article includes the best Windows 10 Icon Packs available on the web. They look beautiful, period.

Windows 10 has built-in support to change icons which is very simple. For all those who are new, we shall tell you how to change them too. We shall take you through the process to change all these or individual ones. It is an easy process. If you wish to change icons for desktop icons such as Computer and Bin, follow the steps below:.

You have changed how desktop icons look. If you would like to try out different skins, you should check our page about themes with sound effects. If you are not using a third-party application then you need to change these of individual folders one at a time.

For this:. Wait for the changes to be applied. Alternatively, you can also follow our guide to install custom skins. This is quite simple and comes with a restore option if you change your mind and want to go back. The Process is a bit different all depending upon the folder. Use the following results to get results:. In spite of changing single file icons, you can change them for specific file types. Still, you need a third-party application such as FileTypesMan to perform this.

Once the program has been downloaded you need to follow the steps below:. We hope this was not hard as the tool used is great when it comes to managing file types in the system and not just changing icons of individual files. Want something more advanced yet colorful then this is the one for you. It carries a variety of icons like desktop icons, adobe CC apps, folder icons and all. Within these, you can also select different shades and colors. A popular one that adds minimalism to the Windows 10 interface.

It gives pleasure to the eyes all thanks to its minimalistic set of looks and shades. These are usually folder icons you shall be able to select between light and dark ones as per your requirements.

Install it using the second method. If you want variety during organizing folders then go for this option. In this do not expect more than folder icons in the package. It is best when you need a well-organized desktop.

Comes with easy installation as allows you to change individual folder icons as per your needs. If you want modern user interface icons for your windows 10 then this is a good choice. This is again another comprehensive option in which you get icons for different types. It not only includes desktop icons but folder and app icons as well. It adds a new flair to your PC experience. If you are looking for a circular set then this is the one for you.

The beauty is how it transforms the taskbar and desktop into a modern one in no time. Moreover, you do not need to worry about mixing and matching some of these to create disruption.

If you carry a different approach for file icons in the Windows 10 system then this is an amazing choice. It offers you these even for web applications such as Google Drive and Gmail if you are not into that. Are you a star trek fan and want the same tone on your desktop or user interface? If yes, then you need to check out this beautiful pack.

It is very easy to install and provides some of the best looks for Window The best part is that the same is available for macOS if you are into making things common. Consider this if you want some extra shadow-ish icons for your version 10 interfaces, which are packed with icons for every purpose.

This is designed to make things easy for you. As it does not have many application-based icons it shall replace almost all the drive and folder icons. Have a retro look at your desktop as well as the taskbar. In this, the icons might cause some issues to the eyes but you shall get used to them after some time. In spite of all this, it is a good choice. This has been designed especially for the macOS versions but you love to have the same on your taskbar. These are known to have a simple design and overall appeal to the eyes.

The only issue is that it comes with a limited collection but helps you when you have time to customize it.

If the above steps are hard for you and you do not follow them then that is fine. We have a solution for that too! You can use the Icon Pack Installer which does everything for you.

You only have to install the below tool and pick an Icon set from above or any from the web and that is all. Now you can also schedule your icons to change automatically on different dates and times. You can choose a total of up to 3 icon packs to rotate automatically. Windows 10 Icon Pack Installer Download.

A special thanks to all the developers who worked hard into making the above selection possible on DeviantArt. Above we discussed and listed some of the best freely available icon packs for Windows These were handpicked and have a great mixture of minimalistic, cool, aesthetic and beautiful-looking sets to give a new look and feel to your files and folders.

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Windows icon pack download.10 Best Icon Packs for Windows 10 in 2023 [ Free Download ]


Windows has upped its aesthetic quotient with every newer version. The user interface and the accompanying icons have improved, keeping in line with the latest designs. Trying some of the best icon packs for Windows 11 can bring a streak of freshness to the user experience. Lucky for us, there are hundreds of Windows 11 icon packs developed by designers worldwide. Most of them require manually changing them one by one, but we have a solution for revamping them together.

Few others have a theme pack type installation which is easier but may change more than just the icons. We have compiled a list of a few of the finest icon packs available for Windows 11 PCs and Laptops All of them are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes. We are beginning with the flat UI icon pack for Windows The vibrant colors pop out, and the accompanying shadow adds to its uniqueness.

There are icons for normal Windows applications and apps like Twitch, Spotify, Windows system, directories, and more. This Windows icon pack sports shadows around the outlines.

We will discuss installing the Windows 11 icons pack through this program at the end. The 70 icons pack focused on Windows with options for the most common apps such as Windows Defender, Media player, Paint, and more. The same developer also offers an icon pack for Microsoft Office with uniform slanting shadows for extra detailing. Icons for all the office suite tools are available for download. All files of the icon pack are available in PNG format. Installing them requires converting windows icon pack download ico format for folders or assigning them for a file type.

We will discuss the tutorial in the later part of the post. Apple has been one step ahead in the aesthetic game on their OS. Get to feel like using Mac on Windows through this pack. We get three icon sets — dark, white, and dark blue. You can switch between the sets by individually installing either of them.

It consists of applications, books, music, smart, documents, download, and a dozen other icons. Install windows icon pack download through the 7STP after downloading the pack on your computer.

The icon set comes close to the Big Sur windows icon pack download the iconic navigation pane icons and window with three color function buttons at the top. What if the Windows 11 icons looked like they were sketched using crayons? Each icon looks like been drawn by a teenager, adding to the windows icon pack download of the art.

Download the entire set in. You have everything covered in the 63 icons set, from Chrome, my computer, to notepad, denoted by a ruled page.

The macOS designs have inspired this icon pack for Windows over the years. You get a flat UI-based theme and icons with a dark undertone with a hint of blue. We also get a customizable dock with the most used applications. Along windows icon pack download the folders sbiectrl.exe download files, the control panel also gets a makeover, imitating the Apple OS.

This Windows 11 icon pack can be loaded through the installer. You can revert to the default icons and theme through the refresh windows icon pack download. Let the icons windows icon pack download alive with the 3D cartoons pack. Give a vibrant overall to your Windows 11 by applying this icon pack with reflection.

Over different items are included in the set. Apply them through the windows icon pack download ico files to individual folders and drives. They also have PNG files that can be edited according to the requirement. All the узнать больше for Windows are square-shaped with different color schemes and individual по этому адресу elements on them.

There is a lack of shadow, but they will require much work in edit and conversion. Go back in time and relive the nostalgia in 8-bit with pixelated Windows 11 icons. The cute icons can directly be applied as they are available in the standard icon format. There are a total of 25 odd icons for basic applications.

The list includes Photoshop, photos, computers, recycle bin empty and fullmovies, etc. With the limited items in the pack, you can consider adding more through online libraries such as DeviantArt, Flaticon, etc. As a fan of fantasy games, you will really like this icon pack. This plus set windows icon pack download of crowns, axes, weapons, hats, etc.

It will help save more space on smaller screens with lower resolution. Check the variety of pointer arrows in the pack. Here the entire icon pack has vibrant colors ranging from cyan to turquoise blue. All of them have background transparency, appearing clean with any background.

Given their darker theme, it might not be entirely visible on dark theme. This icon pack for Windows 11 is designed exclusively for Anime fans. Decorate your Windows interface with 52 different beautiful anime characters. They include Здесь, Kagami, Nagisa, Tsuba, etc.

This Windows 11 icon set contains icons in four different size variations. They include icons for stick, card, folder, and drive. Go back to simpler flat icons with this pack, initially developed for Windows The icons are circular, with an element that adds to the character. The icon pack includes windows icon pack download for different applications and files. They do not have a shadow but offer reflections on some of them.

Individually click on the ico option on each item to download them to your computer. Changing desktop icons on Windows 11 is the easiest of all. Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше can do it through the personalization settings, and here is how it is done. Head to personalization from the right-click menu by clicking anywhere on the desktop. Click the browse button to locate your downloaded icon pack for Windows The icon will appear as selected, and then click on OKfollowed by Apply to make changes.

You can select individual desktop icons and change them to new ones. Just like its predecessor, Windows 11 lets you individually change folder icons. Windows icon pack download is how it can be done through the properties.

Head to the properties of the folder through the right-click menu. Go to the customize properties tab and click on change icons under the folder icon section. Click on the browse button to locate the downloaded Windows 11 icons for folders.

Select the icon from the list and then click OKfollowed by Apply on the next screen. Changing individual icons for every file and folder can become hectic.

An easy-to-use software exists windows icon pack download change icons on Нажмите сюда in four simple steps. A free theme patcher is needed for specific icon windows icon pack download along with the overall theme of Windows Here is how we change icons to Lumicons using 7STP. You can always uninstall the icon pack through 7STP through the Remove custom pack button. The program creates a restore point for reverting to the original icons, which can be done through download flv player for pc restore button.

Have some good images that would be the ideal looking icons? Then it is possible through an ICO converter. Windows supports ico format as icons for files and folders, so we will convert images into that through this method. These were some of the best icon packs for Windows Apply them instantly using the methods to change icons. You can change icon windows icon pack download for different formats through the File Type Manager.

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Home List. Lumicons 2. Shadow Icon Pack 3. Big Sur Icon Pack 4. Sketch Icons 5. OSX minimalism 6.


Windows icon pack download


Meaning to say it is risky. This is why we recommend creating a system restore point often, and every time before installing a theme, icon pack, or anything else. Here are some awesome free icon packs for Windows you should try. The icon packs mentioned in this article all come with an iPack installer.

Thus, it makes the experience a breeze. You can find specific installation instructions on the respective Deviant Art pages of these icon packs. Keep in mind these are still replacing system files. After that, reboot the system and see if things are working. Just make sure you create a restore point before messing anything up. All it basically does is give the folder icons on your Windows PC a much nicer green color.

And it does look pretty amazing because I have used it personally. It also installs a few folder icons for folders like Documents, Music, Videos, etc. WinRemix iPack on DeviantArt. Deepin icon pack is based on an icon pack of the same name for Linux systems.

That, in turn, is based on Papirus icon pack which is based on Paper icon theme. Well, Paper icon pack is available for Windows as well and both of these have been brought to us by niivu.

Deepin, on the other hand, is great and it comes with four folder colors. These include blue, green, brown, and slate. Apart from folder icons it even changes some of the default Windows icons including the icons on the side panel in Windows Explorer. Furthermore, you can use it regardless of whether you have a light or dark theme installed on your PC. Deepin also has two variants just for that scenario.

It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8. Deepin on DeviantArt. This icon pack by BluPaper simply modifies the default Windows folder icons while changing a few others. Turquoise though, is flatter, and more cartoonish, in a good way with clear outlines. Like Deepin it changes the folder icons as well as the drive icons, PC icon, network icon, and the icons on the side panel among others.

Turqoise on DeviantArt. Arc has been one of the most, some might say the best themes available for Linux systems and it was only a couple of years ago that Linux got an official Arc Icon theme. It makes heavy use of simple, clean colors, thin crisp lines and follows the trending flat design. The use of obvious and straight-forward glyphs gives this theme a modern yet recognizable look. Arc iPack on DeviantArt.

There are many more icon packs for Windows that you can find on the Internet but these were some of the better ones that you should try. Once again, do remember to create restore points and be very careful while installing icon packs from other sources.

These are likely to carry adware or even malware or viruses. You should be safe from those as long as you stick to trusted sites such as DeviantArt. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. In this Article hide. How to install and uninstall. WinRemix iPack. Deepin Icon Pack. Turqoise Icon Pack. Arc iPack. Show comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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Need help? Maybe this link can help you. Using it for the web? Copy this link in your website:. How to attribute for other media? Going Premium is easy and it also allows you to use more than 8, icons without attribution. Find out more information here. You can only save 3 new edited icons per collection as a free user.

Upgrade to save unlimited icons. Your collection is locked. You http://replace.me/3829.txt upgrade your account to get an unlimited collection. This feature is only available for registered users. Login or register. Ideal for your iPad and desktop devices, these Windows icon designs will benefit узнать больше app and game projects by providing a clear representation windows icon pack download Windows services.

Moreover, when programming, they can feature in security or settings interfaces! Extend your licensing possibilities and personalize any physical or digital product and merchandise with our icons.

More info. Filter icons with customizable strokes and shapes. Read more. Sort by. You can choose to view your icon search results by author style, pack, or get all the icons on your screen. Download what you want, cancel when you want. How to attribute? Discover what will make the windows icon pack download sparkle. Freepik Visual Trends are out! Freepik Visual Trends ! Check them out! Are you sure you want to delete this collection? Yes, delete it No, go back.

Apply Discount. Select 3 collections to continue: You have 8 collections, but can only unlock 3 of them. Stay Premium Save and continue. Please indicate what problem has been found.

The download is not paci. The format of some files is incorrect. The download is taking too long. CSS background Icons made by Freepik from windows icon pack download. Copy windods link in your website: Icons made by Freepik from flaticon. Colors Display Shapes Stroke. Select a color from the icon Choose a new color. You have exceeded the number of color samples for this palette. Save Cancel. Move left. Windows icon pack download right. Move up. Move down. Flip Flip horizontal. Flip vertical.

Select a shape None. Rounded square. Stroke windoas. You have reached the icons limit per collection icons. Icons Stickers Animated icons Interface icons. Merchandising License Extend your licensing possibilities and personalize any physical or digital product and merchandise with our icons. Editable strokes Editable strokes Windows icon pack download icons with customizable strokes and shapes.

Dpwnload by: All icons All icons Style Pack. Sort your search results You can choose to view your icon search results by author style, pack, or get all the icons on your screen.

All icons Style Pack. Add to collection. Copy PNG dkwnload clipboard. Download PNG. Previous page Next page. Premium download Over 8, icons for 7. Free download You must attribute the author Продолжить чтение it for the web? Copy this link in your website: Windows icon pack download Copied! How likely are you to recommend Flaticon to a friend? Not you? Very likely.

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