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For me, Metal Gear Solid is the kind of series that you either get and love or you just find very pretentious and cannot get into it at all. I will start by saying that this is a game for Metal Gear fans first and foremost and if the series has not done it for you in the past, I do not see you being won over here.

I do not want to spoil the story and in all honesty, in typical Metal Gear fashion, the story is kind of all over the place. This is a very cinematic game and the story if you are a Metal Gear fan is kind of cool as it has ties all the way back to the original MSX game. I can see people coming to this as their first MGS game being kind of lost.

In this entry, you have two kinds of missions to take part in. You have the main story missions which vary in what they want to you do but always have a clear objective. These are what you will be doing to move the story along and there are other objectives in addition to the main one in a story mission so there is a bit of replay value here. You also have Side Ops which can be done in free roam mode and these can give you new folks for your Mother Base. I really like what Konami did with the Mother Base.

As you play the game you can get new troops that can be set to various parts of the base. You can get new gear, better stats and so on and I found expanding the Mother Base to be very addictive. It is a fun experience and I like how you can go from sneaking around one minute to all hell breaking loose the next. I really like the Mother Base, but many of the missions feel very similar and by the end of the game this can get a bit old. The game is a cinematic masterpiece, as long as you can follow the story of course.

It plays out kind of like a movie and that is something I think is very cool. I though, feel that it may be time for a Metal Gear reboot as the story has gotten very convoluted. If you are a fan of the series, I am sure you will like this. I like how they added in a free roam mode and at least tried to give you a lot of missions.

Plus, the Mother Base thing is really cool and addictive. The game features an open world map and gives the player complete freedom on how to tackle missions. You can either follow the usual stealth approach, or go in guns blazing, although being stealthy is the way the game was intended to be played.

Kojima and his team at Konami were able to deliver a new experience surrounding an old franchise. This game was a breath of fresh air for the Metal Gear franchise.

In this game, you are equipped with a handful of different gadgets to use as you progress through the story. Snake now has a mechanical arm that has different uses, you can detach it and rocket punch enemies. There is a wide variety of guns to use, and the game presents you with different possibilities on how to complete a mission, you can even use your good old cardboard box to mess around with enemies.

And how much freedom they give the player, to experience the game however they see fit. The game is set on a certain difficulty setting, and it cannot be changed.

That forces you to play the game with patience and make strategic decisions to be able to finish your missions. This game is perfect for gamers that love stealth-action base games, like the Splinter Cell franchise. There is an online mode included with the game, where you can create a new character, or choose the one you created at the start of the game.

For online multiplayer you join a lobby where two teams of 8 people face each other in different types of game modes, players can choose between three classes of playable characters to compete: scout, enforcer and infiltrator. The game takes place in Afghanistan during the Afghan-Soviet war, during his time there Snake is reunited with old friends, while he uncovers dangerous government secrets. To further enhance the game experience, well-known voice actors such as Matt Mercer, Troy Baker, and Kiefer Sunderland bring the game to life.

To see their creative vision through creators opted to have English-only audio, but it has eight subtitle options including: English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. Overall, Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain is an amazing game, and it still holds up masterfully for a title released back in For players who are completionist, to achieve everything in this game there are over one hundred and fifty hours of content. Ultimately it is a game with a compelling story, amazing gameplay, and beautiful graphics.

While Metal Gear I fans will finally have gotten their hands on Ground Zeroes by the time you read this, the major draw of this two-part stealth-action adventure has always been the second half: the enigma that is The Phantom Pain and the open world of Afghanistan that promises to bring players the series\’ trademark tactical espionage action in a way they\’ve never experienced before.

The mid-\’80s backdrop and the expansive frontier of Soviet-occupied Afghanistan is the perfect setup for Hideo Kojima to deliver another one of his twist-laden tales. What\’s more, you can count on him to not shy away from the political nature of this loaded setting. Don\’t forget than in the original Metal Gear Solid , Kojima commented on the plight of the Kurds when the rest of the world had forgotten them as soon as American forces rolled through Baghdad in the Gulf War.

He illuminated the angst and humiliation former Soviets faced after the collapse of their mighty empire instead of simply turning them into cartoony villains. OK, so he did trot out a Russian colonel who could summon Force Lightning along the way, but it was nuanced Force Lightning! America has spent the last decade embroiled in Afghanistan and the cold heart of central Asia–and you can bet Kojima will have something of substance to say about it in The Phantom Pain.

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Game review Downloads Screenshots Venom Snake! Overall rating: 8. XBox XBox One. Playstation 4. Playstation 3. Gameplay In this game, you are equipped with a handful of different gadgets to use as you progress through the story. The End of Metal Gear Solid? Overall rating: GameFabrique



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This game is published by Konami. This game is the 9th installment of the metal gear series it was written, designed, and directed by Hideo Источник after the release of the Ground zeroes series of this game. The Phantom pain series is known for gameplay перейти на страницу that are interconnected. The game offers the players the maximum level of freedom to perform any kind of activity during the game.

The storyline of the game is kind of repetitive from the second half of the game series. The claim received many positive scores where is publications and was said to be one of the amazing stealth games.

According to the Metacritic became scored 95 points out of a hundred. The game was also awarded by EGM for ,etal story power. The gameplay, storyline, features, and soundtrack are amazing. This particular version of the game can be played even by console players. Action-adventure stealth games can be played both in single-player mode and multiplayer mode. The game is designed in such a way that it allows the player eownload choose a story and also choose the events that metal gear solid v the phantom pain full pc game download place selecting the Machines this allows the player to choose what they like and still be able to comprehend the message by the end of the game.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in itself has a vibrant weather system in which the morning and the nights seem to be real-time. In this game when the snake lights an electronic cigar known as Phantom смотрите подробнее the player will be able to fast forward the weather cycle. Interestingly, the players who have played the previous version of перейти на страницу game which is ground zeroes will be able to import their data to this level is the Phantom pain which is considered to be the additional perks of this version of the game.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a game that the position of a venomous snake is punished from a good person angle. The games and open the game and it can be played on both single-player and multiplayer modes. The elements of the gameplay are similar to that of metal gear solid v the phantom pain full pc game download ground zeroes which is the previous version of Metal Gear Solid V.

The players in this game are supposed to remain undetected enemy guards. The Phantom Pain motivates the players to move forward in the game without using non-lethal weapons and without killing anyone. The players can also make use of the vehicles provided in the game such as Jeep and trucks to travel. Horseback can be used by the players to travel to mountainous locations where they посмотреть еще opt to go for Rock climbing as well.

The game also provides the player with helicopter support to protect them from the opponent soldiers. The Snake has the option to call official intelligence supporters there is a female who is silent in the game with Supernatural abilities. The game also provides the player known здесь the horse an animal that is capable of hiding the snake while travelling from one place to the other. The players have the freedom to traverse through the gaming world xolid can directly deploy in the landing zones which allows посетить страницу источник approaches to the game.

The game has unique features and here are some of the noteworthy ones. This is one of the unique features of the game where the snake makes use of this system to transfer items back to someone. For instance, the snake transfers the sheep back to its mother base through the Fulton surface to downnload air recovery system.

In this feature, the snake transports objects which include animals as well to transfer back to its mother base. This is one of the key elements in the gameplay as well, which cannot be ignored. Metal gear solid v the phantom pain full pc game download of the unique features of this phatom is which is also known as the Phantom speaker appears to be on the screen that keeps the player informed about the time. There is also a digital watch known pyantom the core in the panel which helps the player in knowing the deadline.

Artificial Intelligence узнать больше in this game have given the game extra credits. The snake in this game can make use of Artificial intelligence in playing the game.

There is a female sniper in this game with supernatural abilities that can help the player. There is something called D- Horse that helps the snake to hide while moving from one place to the other. Music and sound system plays a ppain important role in action-adventure game series as it encourages по этому сообщению metal gear solid v the phantom pain full pc game download during the entire gameplay. The game has a vibrant soundtrack that gives the player an enjoyable gaming experience.

Different editions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain game was released and it is available as downloadable content on various platforms with special weapon fear.

The game can be played by the player online to get the online experience. The game comes along with the CDs when it is bought physically. Files of the game were not included in the CD and it has to be downloaded by the player online. If you still face any problems or want ;hantom report any bugs please contact me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents. Yes, the solid snake is alive and it is not allowed to be dead in the game.

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